February 4, 2012

statement jewelry.

                        Nordstrom Alexis Bittar Sale Otto Molten Stick Necklace Royal Blue

Significant other or not, I have no qualms about buying myself nice jewelry. A Swarovski ring and a Givenchy necklace never hurt, right? But while I adore my everyday cupcake necklace, there’s nothing like a statement necklace to really make an outfit. From big pendants to chunky beads, these standout accessories show off your personality and can turn womp into wow

The key to statement success is to stick with a simple color palette — wearing a rainbow of jewels across your neck is flashy in all the wrong ways (it’s just too messy!). A classic black and gold color scheme is one you can never go wrong with, but if you’re looking for something more unique, Alexis Bittar’s ‘Otto’ Molten Stick Necklace in Royal Blue is a perfectly viable option. The frosted turquoise looks stunning next to the dark silver (really, when do I ever recommend silver over gold?!) and the varying shapes, sizes and textures on the piece make it a step above your typical bib-style necklace. Wear it with a sheer cream button-up tucked into skinny jeans for a casual, chic and ready-for-anything look. If you’re going all out, the necklace would make a fine addition to your LBD.

Alexis Bittar ‘Otto’ Molten Stick Necklace, $395 $263.90, Nordstrom.

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February 12, 2012

starting an arm party.


So I’ve got a gorgeous watch, multiple leather wraps, an amethyst bracelet and a Lucky Brand charm bracelet — you know, the one I like to wear when I want to attract attention by shaking my wrist and making loud clinking noises…

Enough. What I meant to say is, all I’m lacking is a simple but statement bracelet that can be worn every day but which can also be dressed up for a classy (note: not crazy!) night out. This Alexis Bittar bangle fits the bill, with its gilded inside and frosted outside, giving the bracelet a super fancy look. The colors are bold, but muted enough to go with any outfit, and while its simplicity is stunning, the tapered shape makes the piece unique.

I’m obsessed with the chocolate color — it would go well with purple (you know, the color I wear every day) — but the seafoam color is to die for as well.

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