June 12, 2011

i love my…

Seychelles “Romance” Bootie.

                                                Seychelle's Romance Bootie Nordstrom

Sure, these booties were made for winter, but they’re perfect for summer. Utilitarian but feminine thanks to the heel, I can’t live without these boots because they go with absolutely everything — I wear them with skinny jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, flouncy dresses and whatever else I pull out of my closet. My favorite ensemble? Torn denim shorts, floral tights and scrunchy socks. Definitely London-inspired.

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Seychelles Bootie Nordstrom London Fashion Utilitarian


May 8, 2012

missing london

It rained today and I ran into some of my study abroad friends earlier which made me miss London. Being able to wear outfits like this to school without it looking out of place is what I loved most about it! (The rain I could do without.)


Here I am at the Victoria Embankment Gardens, on my way to London Fashion Weekend events. So pretty even on a dreary day!

'Stam' Bag, Marc Jacobs; Shoes, Trouve…and the rest, I can't remember!

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London Fashion Rainy Day Fashion Marc Jacobs London