May 25, 2012

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November 25, 2012

engagement rings for the not-engaged

Proposal season is right around the corner, which means that those of us who obsess about our future weddings year round (relationship or not) will be joined on Pinterest by those of you who are, you know, actually  to-be brides. But until that happens, let’s take a moment to round up engagement rings even the non-engaged can wear — boys, take notes.

Nora Kogan "Rapture" ring, $4,767

                nora kogan rapture ring rose gold engagement

Snakes on a ring! From afar, this beauty may look like your average engagement ring, but a closer look tells a different story — it’s all in the detail. It’s pretty on its own, or if you’re trying to avoid the false congratulations, invite it to a finger party. Plus, rose gold.

Digby + Iona "Fighting Bear" ring with diamond, $880


This ring may be under Catbird’s “Wedding and Engagement" section, but it’s probably a bit more fitting for the single ladies. I mean, how would you feel if your engagement ring was of two bears fighting over a diamond? Talk about materialism…which is all the more reason, of course, to buy yourself an early Christmas present. 

Anna Sheffield Hazeline Bridal Set, $11,375

                    Anna Sheffield Hazeline Bridal Set stacking rings engagement

Thus far, most of us have probably stuck with designer Anna Sheffield’s more affordable, girly-meets-edgy Bing Bang line. Her fine jewelry holds the same uniqueness, but without losing the classic look we expect of our engagement rings. This stacking set is the perfect example — can we discuss the mixed-metal look? Wear each of the three rings on its own or put them together for a rock even your married friends will envy. And the black diamonds? The daring touch you’re looking for.

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